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Executive Summary


The cause of this internet presentation is reflected in the name of the homepage "" Above all, the reason is the fear that the natural exponential growth with regard to climate change N 0 = e λ t and the limits of global growth are dangerously underestimated.

As an additional "by-product", a publication has been created that places climate change and the limits of global growth in a hopefully understandable, multifaceted context.


The presentation and associated publication are based foremost on the works of Al Gore[01] and Frederic Vester[02], as well as the investigation of additional information, especially on the internet. These sources, already used extensively in an earlier publication[03], are listed in the bibliography.

Direct references are made in the slides of the presentation to the current associated publication.

In a first focal point of the presentation, the most important and most recognized fundamental data on climate change is roughly summarized.

A second focal point of the presentation is concerned with the human inability to understand nonlinear processes as such. By use of an example, the presentation demonstrates those erroneous meanings which are possible using a linear interpretation of a nonlinear process. The associated dangers to human civilization are clarified, with a focus on climate change.

In a third focal point of the presentation, the implementation of the target guidelines "Climate Security" and "Safe Sustainability" is recommended. The presentation describes the most important corresponding fundamental positions for the quickest possible political action. The results of research, demonstrating that the anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases can be reduced by around 2/3 by a collective change in individual behavior patterns alone, conclude this focal point of the presentation.

In the postscript, the author questions the ability of the current pluralistically oriented society to successfully fight global warming.

Introductory Thesis

Many a prominent representative in business and industry is convinced that the allocation of too many resources towards climate protection will hinder economic progress. If high expenditures are made for climate protection, future economic growth could come to a standstill.

Thus, it is feared that the enforcement of climate protection will weaken the economy. Consequently, the climate protection measures necessary should be reduced to an economically defensible minimum.

At this point, therefore, the following introductory thesis is formulated: "Minimizing climate protection is a guarantee for the growth of the economy"

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