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Water Curios

Author's Short Introduction

Jörg Martin
Reuterstraße 3
D-38126 Braunschweig


I am a civil engineer by occupation in the field of urban water management. In addition to my job, I am interested in the natural sciences such as physics, chemistry, geography and meteorology. I was particularly drawn to the urgency of climate protection by the film "An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore.

I have collected, examined and evaluated information on climate change and sustainability over an almost two-year long internet research period. My internet presentation represents a summary of the most important results of this research. In the medium-term I will work on further detailing of my internet presentation.

Special Thanks

My very special thanks to the employees at B2B Übersetzungen e.K. in Brüggen, homepage They have translated a large part of my internet presentation free of charge, so that my research results on climate protection and sustainability can find a wider audience. There are also some smaller sections that come from my pen.



The scope of this Impressum covers exclusively the internet presentation at the address

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Although the author created the content to the best of his knowledge and has carefully examined it, he can make no claim to the completeness, relevance, quality and accuracy of this. The author assumes no responsibility for damage that could arise through the trusting of the content or through its use.

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