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Hopefully not!
Elements of Pluralism
Lack of Capacity

Lack of Capacity for Necessary Change

The societies which currently belong to pluralism were largely molded over centuries by Christianity.

During that time, its members lived in the certainty of a real, existing personal God and an associated sustainable hope for the future.

These earlier Christian concerns have been increasingly rendered meaningless. Now, they are replaced by any desired elements for individual lifestyles and individually chosen worldviews.

Pluralism is combined with a growing compulsion for fulfillment in the here-and-now. The necessary resources are therefore taken more for granted and used without consideration for the largest part of the world's population.

The fight against climate change as well as the impending worldwide ecological catastrophe urgently demands a drastic restriction of these fundamental pluralistic individual lifestyle possibilities.

The likely result will be a last-minute existential panic and / or despair and resignation and / or fanatical and fundamentalist reactions. At the very least, a defensive existential stance / ignorance regarding the necessary measures will exist.

It is thus doubtful if pluralism will allow a sufficiently large capability for transformation with regard to the changes urgently required. Based on the blocks to nonlinear thinking, these insights into the required need for action could come too late.

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