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The fewer economic resources for resistance against global warming and for transformation into radical sustainability are brought to use, the larger will be the economic damage introduced worldwide based on the consequences of climate change and global growth.

If no drastic measures are undertaken for the construction of a worldwide economic structure which does not infringe against the laws of radical sustainability, the collapse of all economic systems can be expected by the year 2030 at the latest, according to studies by the Club of Rome.

In the opinion of the author, this point in time could occur considerably earlier, since the studies listed may not have completely taken into account today's data on climate change or the current growth rates in China and India.

In summary, the following antithesis can be formulated: "Strict climate protection and sustainability are a guarantee for the preservation of the economy."

Since climate protection and sustainability are deeply intertwined with economic interests, the opinion of economically interested parties in regard to the decisive findings should be very critically examined. The following are two examples from the past:

  • In the USA, the results of research on global warming were specifically suppressed by parties in the oil lobby. Scientists were intimidated. Public opinion was consciously deceived[66] by articles in leading daily newspapers which reject the anthropogenic causes of global warming.
  • At the German solar energy convention "Sonnenforum" (Hamburg, 27th September 1977!), the married physicists Inge and Nikolaus Laing proposed a practical concept for the conversion of the global energy supply to solar energy. Threats and persecution from the energy lobby forced them to flee abroad soon thereafter[67][68][69].

These aforementioned criminal methods have brought an urgently necessary change in thinking to a conscious halt. Only a political decision reached independently from economic interests will be able to halt the collapse of civilization.

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