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"Climate Security" and "Safe Sustainability"

Earlier climate protection policies for climate change were based on optimistic intellectual opinions with regard to the future effects of greenhouse emissions caused by humans. The same is true for their chronological dating. In many cases, these optimistic intellectual opinions, considerably underestimated the dangers of nonlinear processes and positive feedback.

Analogous to the technical engineering concept of security metrics, it is urgent that the concept of "Climate Security" be anchored in legal statues. Security metrics are considered as: The more the failure of system components is associated with danger, the larger are the safety margins necessary in their planning.

Climate change involves a far larger potential danger. In many areas, the possible extent of the threats can hardly be evaluated. Thus, measures against climate change should be planned and implemented with a very high "Climate Security".

The limit value of the anthropogenic share of global warming, above which the possibilities for human influence on nonlinear processes of climate change, including positive feedback, are lost, cannot be determined with certainty. Thus "Climate Security" represents the use of all available existing resources for the fight against climate change.

These considerations can logically be transferred to political goals, which should immediately be designated for the achievement of radical sustainability in accordance with the report by the Club of Rome. The concept of "Safe Sustainability" should also be introduced.

Only after strict political enforcement of "Climate Security" and "Safe Sustainability" the necessary future scope of action for the preservation of the viability of life in human civilization can be realized.

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