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Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable energy sources[56] are available locally and do not need to be extracted with expensive methods. The energy sources are returned back to their original state during the energy generation process or converted into unharmful substances. Thus the air, water and earth are hardly damaged by the use of a renewable energy supply.

A sustainable form of energy supply with renewable energy sources has hardly any negative effects on human health and brings strong benefits to the national economy.

Since renewable energy sources are available worldwide, the creation of dependencies and supply monopolies is nearly ruled out.

The most efficient renewable energy supply takes place via a multitude of small decentralized power plants[57]. The resources are then converted directly on location into the necessary energy. In contrast to fossil / nuclear energy supply sources, the vulnerable transport routes are omitted as is the potential for conflict over dwindling resources. Instead of increasing annual costs, mainly investment costs are incurred.

The necessary investments do not flow immediately to large-scale plants, but rather broadly to small plants. A surge in economic activity will arise gradually for local medium-sized businesses. Through the mass production of plant components as well as the market orientation of prices, a decline in investment costs begins.

The use of renewable energy sources allows developing countries poor in raw materials to overcome their dependence on former supply structures and thus to significantly relieve their national economies.

The direct use of renewable energy sources results in minimal losses and thus an optimal degree of efficiency. The integration of small decentralized power plants in close-meshed grid network systems ensures the uniform distribution of energy, high supply security and thus a minimal need for overcapacities for disturbances.[58][59][60]

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