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Political and Legal Implementation

The current proposals for political and legal implementation can lay no claim to completeness. Details and resolutions should arise from further political discussion.


In view of the immediately available information on the consequences of global warming and global growth, the necessity of urgently required countermeasures must be fully realized. With a higher priority, the USA, China and India should move to a radically reversed process of thinking.

Education should be expanded to include the instruction of cybernetic processes for thought and action. The effects of personal lifestyle on the environment should be made clear.

Legal fundamentals for the realization of the most extensive "Climate Security" and "Safe Sustainability" standards must immediately be defined.

The present reduction in energy and decentralization of the energy supply has a high political status.

The industrial destruction of forested areas should be halted worldwide. These former "economic advantages" must be compensated by inverse action in forested areas through suitable measures.

In general, an efficient transformation of measures for "Climate Security" and "Safe Sustainability" should be initiated by an intelligent combination of incentives and sanctions. Financially poor countries should be generously supported.


Damage to the climate and to ecological sustainability has dramatic consequences for worldwide civilization, in many cases unforeseeable, which leads increasingly to the deaths of those affected. Therefore, the factors with regard to climate damage and infringements against sustainability should be urgently anchored in the legal system.

Appropriate sentences should be outlined for minor offences in relation to the stated dangerous consequence of these factors.

The search for possible offenders should be done consistently, even in regard to legal officials. This applies also to minor offences in the past.

The international courts should be included in prosecution. International criminal proceedings[49] will inevitably take place.

The judicial structures should be suited to the new field of law. The training and employment of suitable personnel should be facilitated.

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